My Food Philosophy

I’m sixty-one years old and started this blog merely as a permanent way to keep my best recipes. I’ve tried cutting them out and pasting them on paper and putting them in a ringed notebook, but they come unglued, and probably 3/5 of them I never made anyway. So when I discovered JustaPinch, where I could save new recipes and then try them and discard them easily, well this came to mind as the place to store all the good ones, mine and theirs, and anyone else’s I came across.

The important thing to remember is that no recipe here is one I plan to try one day. They are ones I’ve made and love enough to make again.

I grew up when fast foods were just coming into play and when things like frozen veggies, Bisquick, and boxed cake mixes were new. Soon the Pillsbury Dough boy was a permanent fixture with his biscuits and rolls. Now we have virtually everything in boxes, bags and containers, ready-made only requiring a bit of heat to finish them off.

I was an adult before I learned what a real buttermilk biscuit was. And you know what? They really are good, and in most cases hugely better than the fake ones that are created with chemicals and additives that can’t be pronounced.

I have digestive “issues” and I’m convinced that a good deal of it is caused by things like “high fructose” corn syrup which is found in an amazing amount of foods, including the bread you buy. For those who don’t know, high fructose corn syrup is a larger than normal or natural sugar molecule that many people have lost the ability to digest. So food full of it sits in your intestines and ferments. Probably more than you wanted to know, but that’s when I started looking to make real food.

So I have more reasons than taste to try to cook with real food.

Most all the recipes here will take a bit longer, but they will feature real food. I don’t use cake mixes, and I seldom use a can of soup–not never, but hardly ever. I ignore recipes that call for velveeta (orange glue), and silly things like bags of bread cubes (for god sake, slice some bread up and let it sit and dry out!).

I like to think I’m not a purist, but simply someone who thinks that real food, and fresh food is just better and should be used most of  the time. And something I’ve found out is that most of the things you buy to “save time” don’t save nearly as much as you think.

On the other hand, I don’t worry much about sugar and calories in general. With proper exercise,  reasonable portions, and reasonable adherence to the food pyramid, obesity is not a real problem.

So I hope you will subscribe and look at the recipes as they are posted, and if you don’t, well, it was set up for my convenience anyhow, so no harm no foul.

Post a comment on your thinking if you wish 🙂


7 thoughts on “My Food Philosophy

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the ping back on my chicken! I love that you’re using your blog as an online recipe bank for yourself and others as well (I am too!) and that you’re trying to cook “real” food with “real” food! (Me too!) I’ve had weight issues my whole life, many of them being in my own head, and have dieted probably the past 18 years. Enough already! I wrote up a little thing about it on my “Why I cook” mentioning my history with a mother who didn’t enjoy cooking, Jamie Oliver who inspires me every day and getting married and how my main priority NOW is to eat “real” food so that I can be healthy enough to have and feed my own child one day.
    And to be real, feel good and be healthy.
    I’ll have to take a look at your other blogs too—walking in the shadows and a feather adrift. Lovely names!
    It was so nice to meet you!
    Your new friend, Jennifer

    • Thanks Jennifer for your thoughts. I am having a lot of fun at “justapinch” and most fun in reworking recipes to get away from “a box of this and a can of that” I have a real digestive issue and I’m fairly convinced it was caused by high fructose corn syrup which I grew up on (it’s in everything, including regular old bread). It’s a manufactured sugar and a very large molecule. I’m now unable to digest large molecule sugars, so I am much more careful to avoid boxed crap. I mean what is “jiffy corn cakes” except some flour, cornmeal, sugar and baking powder? It gets easier to do. I too like Jamie Oliver. Glad to meet you and I’ll be sure to look at your blog!

    • It took about 6 months to clear it out, and I still have to be careful, but mostly I can eat okay now. For a while it was NO SUGAR…lol….but for some reason cane sugar is fine, not beet sugar. Best to you!

  2. Glad you liked my Apple Pan-Dowdy recipe. And glad it led me to this site. We seem to have a great deal in common:both seniors, both progressive in faith and in politics, and both with a similar philosophy on food.

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