A Significantly Good Low-Carb Bread*

lowcarbbreadBread is the bane of lo-carb cooking. It’s so hard to get something that functions as bread. I tested this recipe in three ways–as toast, as a sandwich, and as french toast. It passed two of the three.

This recipe has many forms, and I tried one. I think some tinkering can make it better frankly, and I altered it from a bread machine recipe to a regular method. So to some extent it’s my own creation.

What it has going for it is that it rises spectacularly and makes a good sized loaf that makes it excellent for sandwiches. It has a spongy texture which is a bit off-putting and it also has a bit of off taste, I think because of the large amount of wheat gluten used.

I think this can be fixed. And I’ll include some of those hints in the recipe as to how to cover up that. All in all, it can work for you if you really don’t want to use white flour in your diet.



  1. Add all the ingredients through the rye into your mixer bowl and mix, using the dough hook. Cover the top with a towel and let sit for 30 minutes.
  2. Add the balance of the ingredients and turn on high, kneading for five minutes. (Be careful if your machine “walks” as this is a heavy dough)
  3. Turn into an oiled bowl, cover with a couple of towels and leave in a warm place. (I turn on my oven and heat to about two hundred and then turn it off, putting the bowl on the top of the stove over the oven vent).
  4. Usually a hour is sufficient to get it to rise hugely.
  5. Oil a large bread pan and then gently so as not to completely deflate the dough, shape into a loaf size and insert into the bread pan. (You could also free form a round loaf if you wish)
  6. Cover with an oiled piece of Saran and towels and return to warm place to finish rising over the top into a good sized loaf.
  7. Preheat oven to 400°.
  8. Bake for about 20-25 minutes. Loaf will brown up nicely but is fairly soft. So don’t try to remove from pan until it’s cooled on a rack to nearly cool.
  9. Wrap it well in Saran and then in foil and then place in a large plastic bag and keep in the fridge. It will stay very moist and not go bad for more than a week. Or slice in half and freeze half using the same wrapping method.

SERVES: 12 slices

NOTES: I learned the vanilla and molasses technique as a way to cut the wheat gluten “flavor”. It worked well in a rye bread I made which I will post in a week or so. The instant coffee and cocoa is I think another attempt to do the same thing, so you might try one or the other rather than both. I’ll revise this recipe as I try it again and alter the techniques. Ditto the rye addition and caraway.

SOURCE: Adapted from Food of Love and Food.com


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