A New Slant

good foodThis blog has always been about recipes. I am not interested in writing a cookbook, getting a lot of free crap in return for featuring some company’s products, or even getting a lot of feedback.

It’s been just a convenient way to organize my own recipes where I could find them fast and in a manner that took little time to set up. It’s been very successful for that. I no longer have folders of copied and cut out recipes. They don’t go here unless I’ve made it and like it. My Ziplist recipe box works fine for collecting recipes I may try and I can cull it easily.

So this is the first actual post absent a recipe I’ve ever done, and I’m doing it for only one reason–you. I know what I’m doing, but you don’t and over the few years some of you have followed this blog you’ve come to expect a certain recipe type.

This is not to suggest that things are changing wildly for they are not. I am faced with a couple of small challenges and that necessitates some minor changes. First I have a very mild case of Type II Diabetes which resulted in my doctor advising me to eliminate “visible” sugar from my diet. That really impacts the desserts I usually have made. The other is that I also need to lose weight and that too benefits from lower sugar and lower flour consumption. Other than desserts, breads also are affected.

At the same time, I’ve learned that things like Splenda® suffer from being awful to digest, leading to diarrhea, and that they also are implicated now in rising glycemic levels that make them unuseful to me as a substitute. So I’m exploring more natural sugar substitutes and how to cook with them instead. This is not easy for they often have odd properties beyond sweetness such as drying tendencies. So you sometimes have to adjust liquids as well.

You can’t just make whole wheat bread, and frankly most whole wheat is only marginally better than regular white flour. So I’m experimenting with oat, soy, flax seed meal, coconut and so forth to find something acceptable for toast. Like I said, I don’t have to give up all bread, and so sandwiches and certain things will remain the same, just not as often.

The point is, I’m trying to cut down on sugar and white flour and other wheat products. Oddly pasta is not so bad as long as eaten in moderation.

So you will see some recipes featured in the coming weeks and months that look a bit strange. If you aren’t into this sort of cooking, be advised that there will still be plenty of “standard” recipes involving meats and casseroles, appetizers and so forth. And there will still be occasional desserts that are not low in sugar or flour. But recipes that are designated as “diabetic friendly” or “low glycemic” will also be offered when I find a recipe that really measures up in taste. There is no point in making or eating stuff that is awful tasting unless you have no choice. I do, so I won’t eat it if it’s not reasonably satisfying as the thing it’s attempting to replace.

So that’s what you can expect.

I will denote in the title for such recipes with an * to indicate that it is diabetic friendly–meaning it is low on the glycemic scale and low in sugar. There will be an index added where all these will be listed as a group, and also within their categories with the * again so you can find them if you are looking for them specifically. I’ll explain these recipes a little more fully where needed so you can substitute other choices or at least understand why certain things are together.

I continue to believe that eating real food is better than boxed or processed. I’m just taking the processed to another level I guess. Hope you enjoy the coming months as I explore good food that i better for me.


4 thoughts on “A New Slant

    • I hope you find a few things that you like Kristen. For me its all about good flavor, if it misses there, what’s the point? We’ve come a long way in the last ten years I’m finding particularly with sugar –substitutes are very wildly different between good for you and probably quite bad for you…I’m on a learning curve here and will appreciate anybody who has better information to chime in when appropriate. 🙂

  1. As with the chocolate quinoa cake or black bean burgers, I find nothing to complain about when things are delicious. It can be different, taste different, not meant to substitute, but still be delicious, you know? One of the meals my family and friends often request I make is the three-hour enchiladas, which is actually a Weight Watchers recipe, but who the heck cares, because DELICIOUS? I think you get me 😉

  2. I do indeed…that really should be the controlling factor…I’ll soon post a pancake recipe I made this morning which I suspect will mean I never make flour ones again…It was that good…A slightly different taste, but otherwise just perfect.

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