Just for Your Information

I discovered JustaPinch recipe site about a year ago, and thought it was so nice. For only $10 you got a nice apron, and access to their software that allowed you to put your recipes in categories, create your own cookbooks, chat with friends, post recipes and neat stuff like that.

If you don’t sign up, you got to look at the recipes and save those that you were interested in. You didn’t get the shopping list and menu planning.

Well, yesterday, I went to my regular Google feed, and punched up a recipe I wanted to see the details of, only to find that my “subscription had expired” and I was not allowed to even view recipes. Further, the price was now up, though not by much.

So I’m done with the site frankly. There are tens of thousands of food sites, many of them extremely large where you can view any recipe and post your own for free. JustaPinch’s decision to bar access to the site essentially without paying them, seems a bit too much for my taste.

In the spirit of great recipes, I’ve discovered a great site called Yummly. It has thousands of recipes and you can post your own. It even allows you to post a full cookbook should you have one. Within a day, I found an even greater site, pictured above called Ziplist.com. There you can save recipes, tag them to categorize them, create shopping lists, make adjustments to ingredients. Even better it has a ziplist recipe “clipper” you can put on your bookmark header, just by dragging it, and when you are at ANY site and want to save the recipe, you just hit that while there, and it will ensure your recipe is placed in your recipe box. And it takes only seconds to set up and is utterly free.

I’ve already found a couple great recipes and I hope to try them soon. I’ll be posting a bunch of recipes over the next week or two. I’ve been so busy setting up my new house (we are at the landscaping point now), that I haven’t had a lot of time to devote to either cooking or posting. So here’s hoping there will be wonderful recipes to share in the upcoming weeks and months.

**For those of you into Pinterest, you can now lift recipes off there directly to your recipe box through the ziplist clipper.


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