Wickedly Wild Taco Soup

Creating a recipe is a bit of a crap shoot.

I kept seeing taco soup recipes on JustaPinch and when I looked at them, well I liked the concept, but most seemed rather boring. And so I didn’t try any, but I kept thinking about it.

After a while I figured I had the basics, and then started thinking of what I might like to add.

Which I did. (dried chiles)

Then I added a bit of stuff I just happened to have opened and on hand.

And I did that. (V-8 juice)

And when I had it all together, I was a bit worried, because it looked a lot like chili.

But, when we ate it, oh my, but it was simple mindblowingly wonderful. At least to us. This is kept soupy by having enough liquid and no thickeners such as tomato paste or masa. And we can’t wait to have more as left-overs!


  • 1/2 lb each, ground beef and chorizo sausage
  • 1 lg onion, diced
  • 1 c celery, diced
  • 2 jalapeños, seeded (optional) and diced
  • 2 dried chiles such as New Mexican or Anchos (seeded and placed in a bowl with 1 c hot water for 30 min)
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 28 oz c of diced tomatoes
  • 1 can black beans (or other you like), rinsed
  • 1 c corn
  • 1 tbsp adobo powder
  • 1 tbsp cumin
  • 1 qt V-8 juice
  • 1/3 c chopped fresh cilantro
  • 8 corn tortillas, cut into wedges
  • salt as needed


  1. Brown the meat in a large soup pot. While it is cooking add the onion, celery, and jalapeño.
  2. When the chiles have soaked for 30 minutes, remove and mince. Save the water.
  3. When the meat is browned, add the garlic, chiles, and the chile soaking water.
  4. Add the tomatoes, beans and corn and all the spices. Add the V-8 juice. (tomato juice would be fine)
  5. Bring to a simmer and simmer on low for a good two hours or as long as you wish.
  6. Just before bringing to final heating, add the cilantro and stir in.
  7. Take the tortilla wedges and fry until crisp in canola oil, drain on paper towelling, and place in a basket at the table.
  8. Add sour cream, chopped scallions, and grated cheese as condiments if you wish.

Serves: 8-10


4 thoughts on “Wickedly Wild Taco Soup

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I’ll have to try Taco Soup your way next time. I’m just not sure where I’ll find dried chilis. I don’t think my Small Town World grocery sells them.
    Ps: I’m always looking for something different to cook. I’m bookmarking your site!

      • It’s a Mexico spice mix that can be eliminated with ease. Mostly its salt, pepper, and oregano. So just substitute those and you will be fine. I finally gave in and bought some, because I found so many recipes that called for it, but I’m far from convinced it is a necessity in the kitchen. 🙂

    • You can probably get them at say a Walmart if you have one of those, or any fairly large grocery chain. Otherwise I guess on line would certainly work. The dried are easier to find usually than fresh. I’m moving to N. Mexico in a few short months, so I’m sure my mind will explode with all the chile possibilities. Thanks for the stop by. Hope you like the soup.

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