Tex-Mex Jalapeno Poppers

Oh boy. We made some of these today for our dinner with T-bones and potato salad. They were excellent.

These can be hot!

The recipe is simple, you can literally make any number you want.

They are a great little appetizer, but keep the milk at hand if you don’t like a lot of heat. Make sure to try to remove all the seeds and the membranes to cool them off a lot.

This recipe come from Flower Elliot at JustAPinch.


  • Jalapeños
  • cream cheese
  • bacon


  1. Cut a “T” at the top and down the center of each jalapeño. (lay them on the table and however they lay flat, use the top as where to cut them open. They will then lay nicely cut side up in the baking pan)
  2. Remove all seeds and membranes as best you can, being careful not to break the pepper apart.
  3. Fill each with cream cheese, and then wrap each with one slice bacon.
  4. Place in baking pan (I put them on a rack so they wouldn’t sit in the bacon grease), cut side up.
  5. Bake until done at 400°.  I found that 40 minutes was enough, but just test with a knife tip to see if the pepper is cooked through.

Serves: I would say 2 to a person.

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